Upcoming Release Information 

February 8, 2019

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Here’s what’s coming up for Lost Trail and related projects through mid-2015-

-A C40, ‘Other Burlington’, on Twin Springs Tapes
-A collaborative EP w/ Daniel Knef on AOsmosis Records
-‘How They Kindle And Flame’, a double C60 on Already Dead Tapes & Records
-A full-length CD, ‘An Elegy And A Mirror’ on Twice Removed
-‘A Quiet That Moves’, C40, Exotik Pylon
-A split tape w/ Earth Builder on Inherent Records
-A split C40 w/ Animals Like Earthquakes
-A full-length CD on Soft, “One Day We’ll All Walk Outside And Stare Up At The Blameless Sky And Wait For Something To Happen”
-A 7″ split w/ Brandon Hurtado on Little League Records
-A 12″ split w/ Leaaves on Little League Records
-A C32 split cassette w/ Ak’chamel on ArteTetra
-A split cassette w/ Callum Browne
-A C40 on Illuminated Paths, ‘à séjourner dans cette chambre pour toujours…’
-A split cassette w/ Strange Mountain on Bunkland Recordings
-A 12″ full-length, ‘A Foreground and a Backdrop’, on Bleeding Gold Records
-A split C60 w/ Linden Pomeroy on Little League Records
-A split cassette w/ Dor
-A theatrical score for Harold Pinter’s ‘The Caretaker’, for South Steam Productions
-A Pines EP of new material
-A full-length Veiled Valley CD on Eilean Rec.
-A full-length CD from Look To The North (w/ David Colohan) on AOsmosis
-Taskerlands II (w/ David Colohan, Michael Tanner, Richard Moult)

We’re also slowly putting together a homespun full-length documentary about Lost Trail that should be ready towards the middle of the year.

That special glow-in-the-dark single edition 10″ lathe is still available as well…with cover art handpainted by Denny and including two exclusive new LT tracks that won’t be released anywhere else…more info here -https://losttraildrone.bandcamp.com/album/untitled-10-special-release

And don’t forget we just dropped this special odds-and-ends digital EP for charity over at – https://losttraildrone.bandcamp.com/album/the-inertia-of-collapsing-walls-ep Ellerbe Creek Watershed Association is a great cause, you guys, so please support them by chipping in a few bucks for this EP if you can spare it.

And we’ll be playing a couple of LT shows here and there, as well, including Maya Presents’ Experimental Christmas, as well as the Jeunesse Cosmique showcase on January 23rd at Casa Del Popolo in Montreal.  I imagine we’ll be hitting Spazzfest in Greenville again as well, come late March. Until then, see you folks around!