Sofa Cleaning NYC

June 5, 2019

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We provide Sofa Cleaning at NYC, as well as for cloth and leather upholstery. When we wash your couch, we shall: Our sofa cleaning technicians are equipped with the most innovative machines to clean your upholstery. We are professionally equipped with the latest advanced in cleaning services that are non-toxic and Eco-friendly. Our cleaning technicians will revive the beauty of your upholstery without a discolouration that could be brought on by inexperienced cleansers. Reputable for Two Decades Our upholstery cleaning technicians will carefully scrutinize all spots and will choose the correct cleaning solutions dependent on the condition of your upholstery and the substance it is made from. Our cleaning process is designed to publish the stains and dirt from the cloth without damaging it. Since many couches can be produced with delicate fabric, we would like to earn your sofa gets the best cleaning without hurting its look. We can treat various kinds of stains, including urine, ink, red wine, dirt, grass, coffee, blood and many different sorts of stains. For all your sofa and couch cleaning requirements, call Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn Heights! The job is not done until you are wholly happy with the cleanup. If you are concerned about the use of cleaning compounds in your home because of allergies, or children in your area, we only use green cleaning products that won’t cause allergies or contain potentially hazardous components. Our Services for Upholstery Cleaning
Pre-treat stains. This may loosen the stain from the cloth and helps eliminate it during the cleaning process.
Stain and spot removal. We will apply the proper stain removal alternative to obliterate the stain. It is necessary that the right removal alternative is used because with the wrong one may set the dye in the fabric and make it a permanent stain. We only utilize biodegradable and non-toxic cleaners which don’t leave any harmful residues. We’ll clean your upholstery with cleaning technique. Steam cleaning will be employed to remove dust and also to refresh your sofa. To get rid of dirt, odours and stains, we highly urge shampoo cleaning.
Deodorize / Sanitize. We recommend having your upholstery to kill bacteria. Because couch can pick up liquid and food stains or pet urine, it’s ideal for sanitizing it and killing any odour in the upholstery therefore that your home may be free of any foul odours. And lastly, if you would like we can put in an advanced fabric protector to shield it from future stains and dirt.