Long Distance Conjuring

January 20, 2019

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Wanted to share with you folks a lovely and haunting poem written and sent to us by one of our fans, the poet Rupert Loydell, inspired by our work. This is why we’re so blessed to have the best fans a band could ask for.

Long Distance Conjuring

(from the music of Lost Trail)

Listen to small sounds

on the lost trail, the scrape

and scritch of the world.

The music is hardly there;

when it is you might

prefer to call it noise.

On the long walk home

we notice many things.

The elusive and ignored

come sharply into focus,

nature catches at the skin,

ears become accustomed

to paying attention:

radio static in the woods,

someone crying far away,

a broken hearing aid

that keeps whistling

and needs attention.

The house that vanished

is still standing there

against the broken horizon

as the music skitters

across whatever is beneath,

something between a moan

and a hum, a broken memory

from a voicemail machine.

Cemeteries await us all,

but in the meantime

we can mourn these drops

of piano and damaged beats,

as a man with a foreign accent

announces the end of the world

and the cold light fades away.

At the top of the stairs

is another dream,

in another life the news

is on repeat, looping

around itself to find

something to say.

All the doors in my head

open into my brain,

a dead letter drop

you would do best to avoid.

Damn this constant darkness

and the secrets it conceals.

Listen to the small sounds

of sirens and ghosts outside.

The music is hardly there;

it might be only noise.