Hello again… 

February 8, 2019

Hi folks,

Those of you who visit here occasionally may notice the redesign of the site effective today (June 18). Accordingly, I’ve purged all the old news stories. We haven’t been updating on this page as much as we should,

The Afternoon Vision 

February 8, 2019

Hi folks, first news post on the official page in awhile. Just a reminder that ‘The Afternoon Vision’ is available now from Wist Rec (Loscil, Talk West, offthesky, Danny Norbury, The Humble Bee, Fescal, etc). Gorgeous handmade

Here’s what’s coming up for Lost Trail and related projects through mid-2015-

-A C40, ‘Other Burlington’, on Twin Springs Tapes
-A collaborative EP w/ Daniel Knef on AOsmosis Records
-‘How They Kindle And Flame’, a double C60 on Already Dead